Exciting Events! North Carolina Boudoir Photography

Yesterday was a snow day, where I caught up on work and ran around outside snapping some new photos.  I always love taking photos in the snow because it is natures most perfect reflector!  Since I am a natural light photographer, I often look for natural reflectors and you can’t get much better than the snow.  So I danced around with my pooch and snapped a few new self portraits, which is always fun.  I’m WAY better behind the camera than in front of, for what it’s worth.

In other exciting news, I was chosen to be this week’s local artist in a local magazine here called YES! Weekly!  You can check out the actual article here.  It is a great honor and I am really excited to bring boudoir photography to the limelight for a lot of women.  I have seen and heard from my clients the difference it makes in one’s confidence and relationships and I cannot wait to meet lots of new women through this journey.  I always joke that people would save a lot of money on therapy if they would just hire me.  I especially say this on engagement shoots where I ask couples to kiss so often and cuddle and just have fun and enjoy each other, but it could go for boudoir sessions as well!

For the local ladies that get their hands on a YES! Weekly magazine this week (check downtown Winston Salem and Greensboro) and book a session between now (January 12th) and January 31st and bring along the clipping from the paper to their shoot, you will get $50 off your session fee!  You don’t have to shoot the session this month – just book your date and pay your retainer fee before the end of the month and you get an extra little discount!


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